About Us

We offer a laid-back environment mixed with a passion for good food, good wine and local delicacies. Here at Local Wine & Kitchen, we celebrate the fresh ingredients our region has to offer. Our constantly-changing menu is seasonally inspired and created by working closely with local farmers, cheesemakers and wine producers.

Local Wine & Kitchen is open for dinner only. Reservations and private parties are accepted.

Stefan Gagliano


Stefan GaglianoStefan is a Wynnewood native, born and bred in the restaurant industry. As the son of Montgomery County restaurateur, Domenico Gagliano, Stefan developed a deep interest in wine and Italian food. His travels overseas after graduating from Drexel University expanded his palate, leaving him inspired by the culinary styles and influences from around the world. After working at the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania, Stefan decided to go back to his roots and open The Local.

You’ll recognize Stefan floating around the restaurant on a daily basis, talking to customers and helping them pair wines.